Most expensive flowers in the world

expensive flowers

Most expensive flowers in the world

Flowers are always a go-to option- to celebrate an occasion, to make someone feel loved and special, flowers never fail to do it. And that’s why, even today, people opt for flowers over anything else, especially when they are confused! And if you are a flower person, this post is definitely for you – it tells you all about the most expensive flowers in the world! Who knows you may need this information to make someone close feel more ‘special?’ So read on!

No one has been able to put a price tag on it!

For starters, this flower has never been on sale – because it blooms at midnight and survives for barely a couple of hours. More importantly, it has mythical significance, which makes this flower priceless. Even getting to catch a glimpse of these flowers is a huge thing – so you got to be content with that itself!


Juliet Rose:
$15.8 million

This rose blooms in all its glory – just the perfect rose one would dream of! And who knew it would fetch this shocking amount? But people, it’s true! This rose rarely blooms these, and if it does, it will definitely carry a similar price! The one who harvested this rose nurtured it for 15 long years, and the resulting flower which the plant bore was then sold for $15.8 million!

: $6.5 per stem

This flower is amazingly striking to the eye and will make you fall in love with it immediately. And if it’s for your loved one, this flower is just right to make them feel special. Though commonly found in white color, they look best when they bloom in shades of violet, blue, lavender, and pink. These flowers require a lot of tending – but yes, the effort is worth it!

Saffron crocus:
$1500 per pound

A beautiful spice that finds its place in various delicacies, saffron is found in the womb of its flower – the saffron crocus. The purple color flower with its yellow color stamen (That’s what saffron is) is very difficult to cultivate – picking out saffron from these delicate flowers is a tedious task, and that explains why they cost a bomb.

So are you ready to shell out these whopping amounts for someone you love?!

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