Most popular wedding flowers ever

Most popular wedding flowers ever

When it’s a wedding, everything has to be perfect – the dress, the tuxedoes, the decor the food…the list is just endless. Every wedding deserves to be perfect, after all, it happens once in a lifetime! And for this once in a  lifetime affair, why have you to compromise on the flowers? Let us take your through the most popular flowers used in weddings – read and make your pick!

All-time favorites and symbols of beauty and love! Roses have been ruling hearts since centuries together, making them a must have at all weddings! Even if some other flower species dominate the majority of the decor, there have to be roses! The fragrance, elegance, and beauty of these romantic flowers is something that cannot be replicated by any other, which is why they are still on the top of this list!


Rose of all colors and not only red often mark their presence weddings.

Tulips are symbols of prosperity and happiness which is why they are also a crowd favorite at weddings! And the flamboyant colors they come in, they make even the most simple wedding decor look fantastic and beautiful. Tulips not only feature in the wedding decor but also make an appearance in the bouquets and table arrangements at weddings too. Dutch tulips, French tulips, and parrot tulips are most favored when it comes to wedding decor – owing to their elegant look and bright colors.

bright colors.

The most expensive wedding flowers, peonies are hands down the best options you could ever go in for in your wedding! These come in the shade of blush pink, which is aptly suited for the occasion they are in use for! The wedding senses come alive at the mere sight of peonies! These flowers indeed have the quality to make your special occasion even more special with their unique structure and color!

The variety of options dahlias come up with are what makes most brides drawn towards them! The dahlias come in various sizes and colors – there’s something for every bride! So if you want to have huge dahlias to suit your bohemian themed wedding, you have it! If you want the tiny versions, they are there too! And the best part about these flowers is that they come in a host of colors, bright and vibrant enough to amp up your wedding decor!

So, have you made your pick as yet?

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