Tips to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time

Tips to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time

We all love flowers adorning our homes – the soothing fragrance, the colorful appearance, the inorganic appeal is what draws us all to flowers. And while we love making different floral arrangements with these flowers, one thing that we all worry about is this – how to make sure the flowers remain fresh for a longer time? Well, we’ve got some tips you can consider to make sure the flowers you love so much stay nice and bright for a longer time!

Spray that hairspray on your flowers to make them look fresh and sweet. Surprisingly hairspray has essential properties that work well on flowers as it does on your hair. But make sure you don’t overspray – stand a little away from the flower arrangements and gently spray over the flowers. And watch how they remain as they are till the end of the day.

Prune your flowers:
Take off the leave soft e flower which remains underwater. You can also consider picking out dried petals, guard petals (which come only in a few flower species) to make sure your flowers bloom well and remain fresh and lively for a longer time.

Use leftover soda:
The leftover soda in your cans – don’t just throw it away! Soda is a perfect solution to keep flowers fresh for a longer time. And yes, this trick works! All you have to do is to mix ¼cup of soda in a vase full of water and place your flowers in it. The sugar quantity in the soda is what will help your flowers to thrive and keep them fresh and beautiful for a longer time!

Cut the stems:
Cutting the stems of the flowers helps. The ends of the stems get soft and don’t function well after remaining in water too long. This makes it difficult for the flower to reach all the supplements it requires. So cutting the stems, the minute you feel the stem is darkening up or softening is a must.

Flower food:
These packets of flower food work like magic to keep your flowers nice and fresh! All you got to do is fill the vase with water, add a pack of flower food and mix it well. Make sure the water isn’t too concentrated or diluted with flower food. After you do this place in your flowers. Also, keep in mind you have to change the water in the vase every couple of days.

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